We’re hiring again! Website Account Manager

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This job primarily consists of hands-on task and project management, coordinating with our team of developers, designers, and consultants to deliver solutions to our clients. This is a great job for an organized, efficient and web-savvy person who enjoys problem solving, resource planning, and multitasking. We’re looking for a great fit and will train the right person in all other aspects of the position. If you like to make people happy by solving problems, have great customer service skills Read more [...]

Our preferred domain registrar

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Our clients often ask if we have a preferred domain registrar, and since I’ve just spent this snow-day morning consolidating all our domains to Hover.com, it seemed appropriate to give them a plug on our blog. They’re not over-priced like Network Solutions, or owned by individuals-of-dubious-moral-character like GoDaddy, and everything just seems to work right, the first time. Kind of refreshing, actually!

Hiring a Sysadmin/Devops Engineer

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Common Media is looking for a systems administrator to join our team and establish a devops role in support of our twelve web developers and consultants. This new position’s regular assignments will include assisting with managing cloud servers and storage, implementing and managing continuous integration testing processes, auditing and optimizing server and application performance, automating release procedures and maintaining server architectures for Common Media’s projects and clients. The Read more [...]

We’re hiring again!

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We're hiring! Common Media is looking for a new front-end developer. We're a web development and consulting shop with a healthy mix of new and ongoing projects, and our HQ is located in downtown Greenfield MA, in newly renovated post-industrial space. Standards-based HTML/CSS and jQuery development experience is necessary. Drupal theming experience would be a definite plus, as would experience with implementing responsive templates. We're looking for someone with genuine enthusiasm for the presentation Read more [...]

Migrating content from an older version of a site

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I recently was given the task of taking over a project to enhance a Drupal 7 site with several new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, the work had gotten stalled due to the departure of the person who was working on it, and as a result the live site had gotten several months ahead of the development version. A number of views had changed, panels had been introduced, blocks created, some content types had been modified, in addition to some new modules, both contributed and custom. My initial Read more [...]

What to do when CiviCRM contacts get out of sync with Drupal users

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I do not know what causes values for user ids in the civicrm_uf_match table to get out of sync with Drupal user ids, but I've seen it happen on a couple CiviCRM sites. The solution we have found has been to edit the value of uf_id in the civicrm_uf_match table to match the corresponding Drupal user's user id (matched based on the email address). Finding and fixing those manually can be a bit of a pain, so I worked out the the following query which joins civicrm contacts to Drupal users based on Read more [...]

Cloud hosts, Apache, and server names

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It's easy to get a LAMP-type host running on a cloud service like Rackspace or Amazon S3, but it's important to get some of the networking infrastructure configured properly to make things run more smoothly up front. Rackspace will give your new server a "hostname" which matches the name you assigned when you created the machine, like "newsitestaging". Unfortunately, this leads to errors with Apache. The errors generally look like this: $ sudo service apache2 restart * Restarting web server Read more [...]

Using custom entity view modes

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On a recent website redesign project for Harvard University's American Repertory Theater, our specification required a number of views of content where the individual nodes appear in a consistent tiled design. Usually the grid was two tiles wide, but sometimes one, and sometimes three. The individual rows in these views could be pulled from any of a number of content types. And each content type could have different fields. But they must all appear in these views with a consistent styling, dimensions, Read more [...]

How to serve multi-site Rails apps (and use Pow to make it EASY)

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It's possible to have a single Rails app serve multiple domains. That is, http://domainA.com and http://domainB.com are both served by the same Rails app. One of the major hurdles in doing this is being able to view all of the sites that the Rails app is serving within the Development environment. One way to accomplish this is to configure your Rails app to accept a passed variable when running the Rails server. The site can be specified when running the rails server, like this: site=domainB Read more [...]