Common Running on hold

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We’ve shut down the running application at, and redirected all traffic to that domain to this post.

The Common Running idea suffered from some serious drawbacks. One of those was a cold start problem, where the functionality of the site for early adopters was limited until we had reached a critical mass of user input (a level the site never reached). Another was the problem of basic data; as long as we were soliciting reviews, we were obligated to maintain a comprehensive, high-quality database of current and recent running shoe models, and we were unable to meet that obligation while also performing paying client work.

We still hold out some hope for the CR technology model, perhaps with a plan in place to address the problems outlined above. For the time being, however, we won’t pretend the site is useful and will be concentrating our energy on other projects.

(Check the collection of Common Running posts for some bits of the two-year history of the site.)

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