We strongly believe that an environment of collaboration and continuous education delivers excellent results. Our team embodies this ethic.

Leadership Team

Noah Smith Bio Photo

Noah Smith

Founder + CEO

nHappiest On The Water
Gabe Smith Bio Photo

Gabe Smith


Kristi Ceccarossi Bio Photo

Kristi Ceccarossi

Director of Operations

kA Very Good Eater
James Chevalier Bio Photo

James Chevalier

Technical Director

jSki. Music. Code. Beer.
Thomas Urell Bio Photo

Thomas Urell

Design Director

tUsually Hungry

Technical Team

Rick Hood Bio Photo

Rick Hood

Lead Drupal Developer

rDrupal Community Activist
Steve Friedman Bio Photo

Steve Friedman

Senior Web Developer

SContra Dance Addict
Jess Hendricks Bio Photo

Jess Hendricks

Web Developer

JThe Doctor
Ian Mahoney Bio Photo

Ian Mahoney

Web Developer

iMaking Serious Fun
Kenneth Montgomery Bio Photo

Kenneth Montgomery

Web Developer

bA Fan of Big Cats

Project Management

Brian Stoffer Bio Photo

Brian Stoffer

Technical Project Manager

BEasy Rider
Bio Photo - Derek Merleaux

Derek Merleaux

Senior Project Manager

DLoves Babies & Chocolate
Emily Schwarzer Bio Photo

Emily Schwartz

Project Manager

ESnack Enthusiast
Barbara Hobert Bio Photo

Barbara Hobert

Project Manager

bLoves Pugs

Strategic + Creative Services

Jared Snider Bio Photo

Jared Snider

Web + Graphic Designer

XHeavy Metal Pixels
Matthew Patterson Bio Photo

Matthew Patterson

Marketing/Sales Associate

GOn The Golf Course


Gavin Morris Bio Photo

Gavin Morris

Digital Repositories Team Lead + DevOps

gFamily, Bike, Coffee, DRS
Patrick Dunlavey Bio Photo

Patrick Dunlavey

Digital Repositories Lead Developer

pLoves Vermont